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Yokogawa DM7560 Digital Multimeter 6.5 Digit

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    • Full-color, high-resolution display with flexible display formats
    • High-speed data logging with up to 30 k points per second
    • High-capacity internal memory up to 100 k points
    • Trend/histogram analysis available both in real-time and offline
    • Multiple PC interface options (USB, Ethernet, GP-IB, RS-232) enable automation

    The Yokogawa DM7560 Digital Multimeter provides:
    Stability – As a 12 6 digits benchtop DMM, the DM7560 offers excellent stability and reliability. It keeps its good performance even at high sampling rates.

    Visibility – As one of the most advanced bench-top DMMs, The DM7560 provides various display formats and contributes to an intuitive and comprehensive operation in today’s demanding measurement scenarios.

    Productivity – With a wealth of I/O and communication interfaces, and advanced analysis functions, the DM7560 helps to improve the productivity of a wide range of automated testing systems.

    Application Examples

    • Monitoring battery current consumption
    • Sensor testing
    • Production testing
    • R&D / service
    • Voltage reference testing

    Brochure: Yokogawa DM7560 Brochures

                       DM7560 Digital Multimeter, Arbitary/Function Generator FG410(1CH) FG420(2CH)

    Instruction Manual: Yokogawa DM7560 Starting Guide

    Yokogawa DM7560 Digital Multimeter User’s Manual

    Yokogawa DM7560 Digital Multimeter Communication Interface Manual

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