Last Updates: 05/12/2020

Yokogawa CA450 Process Multimeter

  • Portable and handy test instrument.
  • Combines both digital RMS multimeter and loop calibrator to process the same functionality in one tool.
  • 24 VDC loop power for transmitter testing.
  • Built in with 24 Ohm Hart resistor for HART communication

The Yokogawa CA450 Process Multimeter can act as Process Calibrator has a loop power supply function to supply 24 VDC/20 mA DC. It can output 4 to 20 mA to drive the two-wire transmitter. High-precision signal measurement for Range: 30.000mA DC with Accuracy of 0.05%, hence HART and BRAIN communications are facilitated by connecting a communicator using the HART mode resistance (250Ohm). The Yokogawa CA450 Digital Multimeter can absorb the current (current SINK) of up to 48V from an external voltage generating source; hence check the loop circuit (using 20mA SINK range). The Span from 0 to 20mA or 4 to 20mA (0 to 100%) can switch with one touch. It is easy to adjust the span of the control valve and check the operation control valve. Yokogawa CA450 sweep generation function is to increase or decrease the output value to the setpoint at the specified ramp rate also, it is possible to switch between Fast (15sec) and Slow (40Sec) increase or decrease

Data Sheet: Yokogawa CA450 Data Sheet
Manual: Yokogawa CA450 User Manual
Application: Yokogawa CA450 Applications Sheet

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