Yokogawa CA300 Series Process Calibrator

Last Updates: 25/10/2020

Yokogawa CA310 Volt mA Calibrator

  • Basic Accuracy: 0.015% (Source&Meas. accuracy of Voltage mA)  
  • 20 mA SIMULATE (SINK) function
  • Simultaneously supplies 24V loop power and measure output signal with high accuracy
  • HART/BRAIN comm. resistance (250Ω) embedded
  • Sub display displays span% of the source value
  • Corresponds to various types of the source pattern
    (Step sweep/ Linear sweep/ Manual step/ Span check)


CA310 can execute a loop check by simulating a transmitter, sinking the current signal from the external source (distributor). It achieves a high accuracy of015% of setting to source 4-20mA.

Two-wire Transmitter Loop Check

DC mA signals can be measured by supplying power to the transmitter from a 24 V DC power supply. DC mA measurement and zero-point check can be performed with an accuracy of 0.015% of reading. A 250-ohm resistor for HART and BRAIN communication is included in this calibrator, o there is no need to attach an external resistor when connecting to a handy terminal.

Addition of Sub Display

The sub-display additionally shows span%, source value of voltage, or resistance, while the main display shows the setting value.

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