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OWON 3-CH Output Programmable DC Power Supply

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  • Channel: 3 (independent controllable channel)
  • Max Output Power: 198W
  • Output Range: 0 – 30V/3A x 2-Ch, 0 – 6V/3A

Lead Time: 2 to 4 weeks

  • Channel: 3 (independent controllable channel)
  • Max Output Power: 378W
  • Output Range: 0 – 60V / 3A x 2-CH, 0 – 6V/3A

Lead Time: 2 to 4 weeks

  • Three independent controllable channels
  • Output resolution : 1mV / 1mA
  • Low ripples / low noise
  • Up to 100 group timers
  • Multi- working mode: individual, parallel, and series
  • Over-voltage / Over-current protection
  • Data-logging function: could record the output voltage, and current; and display recorded data in chart
  • Auto-cooling system
  • 4-inch high resolution (480 × 320 pixels) LCD
  • Multi- CI: USB, RS232, and LAN
  • SCPI and LabVIEW supported
1. Triple Output: 3 independent channel
function as 3 power supply unit;
via parallel / series connection, the power output range of 1 channel could be wider.
Triple Output
2. Creative Data Recording Function
to monitor the changing status of powering system, displaying recorded data in chart. E Low Ripples / Low Noise
Creative Data Recording Function
3. Timing Output
Support 100 groups timing output settings, the power output curve could be adjusted via PC,
or device itself. And applicable to artificial simulated power output variation.
Timing Output
4. CV / CC Auto-switch
Along with load varies, the power output auto-switches between CV / CC.
Give an operation example, in the circumstance you set a voltage of 10V at a current of 1A,
when actual current not larger than 11A, the power supply unit works under CV status,
the power output alters with load accordingly; whereas when actual current larger than 1A,
the power supply unit will limit the current automatically, and switch into CC mode,
then the power output alters with load accordingly.
CV / CC auto-switch fulfills within power supply unit, no human intervention needed.
5. Low Ripples / Low Noise
OWON ODP features super- low ripples, and super- low noise,
which causes almost no influences to circuit test.
Low Ripples Low Noise
Channel3 (independent controllable channel)
Max Output Power198W378W378W
Output Range0 – 30V / 3A x 2-CH,
0 – 6V / 3A
0 – 30V / 6A x 2-CH, 
0 – 6V / 3A
0 – 60V / 3A x 2-CH,
0 – 6V / 3A
LCD Type4 inch colored LCD
Display Resolution480 x 320 pixels, 65536 colors
Mechanical Specifications
 Dimension (W x H x D)250 x 158 x 358 (mm)
 Device Weight9.80 kg12.00 kg

The specifications based upon the instrument having run for at least 30 minutes continuously, under the specified operating environment  

skuODP3033ODP3063ODP6033all 3 skus
Output Ratings 
Voltage0 – 30V0 – 30V0 – 60V0 – 6V
Current0 – 3A0 – 6A0 – 3A0 – 3A
Load RegulationVoltage≤0.01% + 3mV
Current≤0.01% + 3mA
Line RegulationVoltage≤0.01% + 3mV
Current≤0.01% + 3mA
Settings ResolutionVoltage1mV
Read Back ResolutionVoltage1mV
Settings Accuracy 
(25℃ ± 5℃)
(within 12 months)
Voltage≤0.03% + 10mV
Current≤0.1% + 8mA≤0.1% + 5mA
Read Back Accuracy 
(25℃ ± 5℃)
Voltage≤0.03% + 10mV
Current≤0.1% + 8mA≤0.1% + 5mA
Noise and Ripple 
(20Hz – 20MHz)
Voltage (Vp-p)≤4mVp-p≤3mVp-p
Voltage (rms)≤1mVrms≤1mVrms
Current (rms)≤5mArms≤4mArms
Output Temperature Coefficient 
(0℃ – 40℃)
Voltage≤0.03% + 10mV
Current≤0.1% + 5mA
Read Back Temperature CoefficientVoltage≤0.03% + 10mV
Current≤0.1% + 5mA
Parallel Settings AccuracyVoltage≤0.02% + 5mV
Current≤0.1% + 30mA
Programmable OutputStorage100 groups
Time Settingsecond
Data Recording10 K groups (of voltage, current and power data) recording capacity
Working Temperature0 – 40℃
Communication InterfaceUSB Host&Divice, RS232, and LAN
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