Last Updates: 15/02/2021

Gems UCL-520 Ultrasonic Continuous Level Sensor


Supply Voltage: 12 to 28 VDC
Level Range:  8″ to 72″ (20.3 to 183cm) up to 314.4″ (798cm)

Gems UCL-520 is a two-wire ultrasonic transmitter that provides non-contact level measurement up to 26.2′ (7.98 m) and is built for challenging ultra pure, corrosive or waste liquids. The highly accurate Continuous Level sensor is easy to install in applications with limited mounting options and space. The UCL-520 is push-button calibrated and is broadly selected for atmospheric bulk storage, day tank and waste sump applications.

  • PVDF transducer for corrosive medium
  • 2″ NPT process connection
  • 8″ to 72″ (20.3 to 183cm) level range
    • Up to 314″ (798cm) with 2in transducer
  • +/-0.2% of span in air accuracy
  • 0.039in (1mm) resolution
  • 3in (7.6cm) beam width
  • 8in (20cm) dead band
  • 12 to 28VDC supply voltage
  • 500Ω max loop resistance
  • NEMA 4X (IP65) enclosure rating
  • EN 61326 EMC CE compliance
Datasheet: Gems_UCL-520-Datasheet
Instruction Manual: Gems_UCL-520_Manual
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