Last Updates: 15/02/2021

Gems 3500 Series Low-Pressure Transducers

For OEMs who require high performance, reliable and stable low voltage measurements, the Gems’s 3500 Series Low Voltage Transmitter is the ideal choice. The compact range of transmitters features all 316 stainless steel wetted parts and an unbeatable price/performance ratio. A wide selection of electrical outputs and electrical and pressure ports are available for most applications without modification. Due to their small size, the 3500 Series transmitters are ideal for space-constrained applications.

The GEMS 3500 series transmitters use MMS sensors to achieve high accuracy quickly after power-on. It significantly reducing power supply and time requirements, making them ideal for remote and battery-powered applications.


  • Gas Analysis Instrumentation
  • Anesthesia Equipment
  • Distributed Gas Delivery Systems
  • Chemical Tote Inventory Management
  • Air Conditioning Refrigerant Recovery
  • Pneumatic System Controls
  • Flushing Systems for Water Management
  • 0 to 250 psi pressure ranges (0 to 16 bar)
  • 0.25% Full Scale Accuracy
  • <0.2% Long Term Drift
  • Choice of outputs, electrical connections and pressure ports
  • Operating temperature up to 257°F (125°C)
  • Add to an Integratable Sensor Solution

Datasheet: Gems_3500-series-datasheet
Manual: Gems_3500_Manual

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