Last Updates: 05/12/2020

Anderson-Negele MPF Modular Pressure Transmitter

Anderson Negele MPF is the industry’s first fully configurable and repairable sanitary pressure transmitter. The MPF offers not only best in class performance within harsh process environments, but also the ability to be custom configured on site both for process parameters and enclosure form factor. Diagnostic routines continuously check on the health of the circuitry and visually report any issues that could impact performance. The illuminated internal display provides a simple user interface to ease start up commissioning and configuration. The optional display interface provides class leading legibility and intuitive configuration functions. Patent pending dual seals at every enclosure penetration and a fully potted electronic puck assure long life and problem free operation.

  • State of the art sanitary design delivers class-leading performance
  • Replaceable components reduce the cost of ownership
  • Diagnostic routines promote reliability, display verifies problem-free operation
  • Intuitive menu-driven setup simplifies commissioning
  • Available HART communications simplify commissioning and maintenance for HART protocol adapters

Datasheet: Anderson-Negele MPF Product Information

Download: New Matrix Guide

Download: Startup Guide_Remote Guide

Download: Startup Guide

Manual: Manual






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