Last Updates: 20/04/2020

Anderson-Negele ITM-4DW Turbidity Meter

The Anderson-Negele ITM-4DW Turbidity meter is specifically designed for applications involving the measurement of water and other non-food liquids. It shares the key design elements of our ITM-4 turbidity meter used in dairy and food processing as It utilizes a dual beam measuring system that provides long term measurement performance with a minimal amount of maintenance. Key elements to the “DW” were to have a design that met the cost and operational requirements found in water monitoring. To meet these needs, the “DW” uses a PPSU optics body that has been reduced in size for smaller line sizes. As a material choice, PPSU is widely accepted for use in water systems components and the bore of the measuring area maintains sizing to the rest of the piping providing flow and the measurement improvements. Installation and integration is simplified as the ITM-4DW has integral electronics in a watertight stainless steel enclosure. Outputs include an analog output for direct measurement and a programmable switched output for alarm or control. An input offers the ability to externally select measuring ranges to satisfy multiple measurement range needs on the fly.

  • Soiling of the optics is compensated
  • Compact device; separate evaluation unit not required
  • Units switchable between NTU and EBC (11 ranges each)
  • 4 freely selectable measurement ranges, externally switchable
  • Smallest measurement range 0…5 NTU or 0…1 EBC
  • Largest measurement range 0…5000 NTU or 0…1250 EBC
  • Smallest pipe diameter DN25
  • Colour-independent measurement (wavelength 860 nm)
  •  Switching output and analog output

Datasheet: Anderson-Negele ITM-4DW Product Information









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