Last Updates: 05/12/2020

Anderson-Negele D3P Differential Pressure & Level Transmitter

The Anderson-Negele D3 Differential Pressure and Level Transmitter is the most complete electronic differential transmitter with best-in-class performance and dual mA output. It is your go-to transmitter for filter monitoring applications or level applications where pressure and/or vacuum conditions exist.

  • The intuitive user interface makes set-up and configuration easy
  • Electronic Differential provides 2 analog outputs (differential pressure and top or bottom pressure)
  • State of the art temperature compensation minimizes error in dynamic temperature applications
  • The fully electronic differential allows field replacement of components and repairability.
  • Integrated tank tables allows volume and mass output when tank and product information are input
  • Available in relative (vacuum and pressure)
  • Patented dual o-ring seals provide IP69K ingress protection
  • Dual loop output with Hart 7.0 communication and graphical LCD display

Datasheet :Download Product Information

Download: Startup Guide

Manual: Download Instruction Manual


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