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Zoglab DHM1100 Differential Pressure Meter


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    • Portable Differential Pressure Meter
    • Allowable deviation from ±0.5% measured value ±2Pa
    • Key query operation, MAX/MIN/AVG value available
    • Extreme low power consumption.
    • 500 hours of continuous operation with 2 AAA Batteries
    • Backlighted screen
    • Zoglab DHM1100 is handheld differential pressure meter, hence with high accuracy.
    • DHM1100 is suitable for pressure monitoring for applications in laboratory, cleanroom, pharmaceutical, HVAC, etc.
    • Accuracy up to ±0.5% and ±2 of measure value
    • Zoglab DHM1100 handheld differential pressure meter allows the user to spot query min/max values via the button quickly.
    • Low power consumption which a pair of AAA batteries can last for 500 hours of continuous usage.
    • Zoglab DHM1100 handheld differential pressure meter allows the user to quickly read the value in dim light with white LED backlight.
    • Measuring range for Zoglab DHM1100 is from -1000 to 1000Pa.
    • The sensing probe is silicon piezoresistive sensor.
    • Zoglab DHM1100 having to measure units in Pa (Pascal) and mmH20
    • Application media: Neutral gas

    Data Sheet: Zoglab DHM1100 Differential Pressure Meter Data Sheet

    Measuring Data

    DP Measuring Range-1000~1000Pa
    DP Accuracy±1.5%FS±3Pa
    DP Resolution1Pa


    Sampling Interval1s
    Working Temperature-30℃~70℃
    Storage Temperature-50℃~90℃
    ESD Protection±25KV
    Auto Power Save5 mins
    BatteryAAA battery × 2
    Battery Lifetime≥500 hours(Without alarm)
    IP ClassIP50

    Sensing Probe

    ModelSilicon Piezoresistive Sensor

    General Feature

    HousingABS+PC,flame-retardant,toxicity and halogen free
    Display Area47×16mm
    Differential Pressure Accuracy
    Dimensions(Unit : mm):
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