Last Updates: 08/04/2021

Yokogawa TB820D Right Angle Scattered Light Turbidity Detector

The TB820D is part of the SENCOM4.0 platform family and can connect to FLXA402T. Thanks to a smart unit equipped detector, TB820D gives you more insight into the ordinary operation.

The TB820D turbidity analyzer using the right-angle light scattering method provides highly reliable measurements and uses LED as a light source.

■ Reliable right angle scattered light method
■ Long life of 3 years by LED light source.
■ High sensitivity, High precision
   Realized good linearity, repeatability  Display resolution: 0.001 NTU
■ Measuring range: 0-0.2 NTU to 0-500/700 NTU
■ Adopt wide range measurement conditions;
Low flow rate (0.05 to 20 L/min), High pressure (500 kPa
or less), Sample temperature (0 to 50°C)
■Improved wash system for less maintenance
   No need to adjust optical axis, reducing
maintenance time down to 1/3 of conventional
   Easy cleaning cell structure
   Contamination-resistant, long-stability
variable cleaning options: Ultrasonic cleaning,
Automatic flash cleaning, Automatic Zero

General Specification: Yokogawa TB820D Right Angle Scattered Light Turbidity Detector spec


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