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Yokogawa ADMAG AXG Magnetic Flow Meter


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  • 4″ Wafer Type Electromagnetic Flow Meter


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    The Yokogawa ADMAG Total Insight series AXG electromagnetic flowmeter is a high-quality and the highly reliable product developed based on years of experience and achievement, such as enhancement of application by Yokogawa proprietary dual-frequency excitation method.

    The AXG Electromagnetic Flowmeter is ideal for industrial process lines like oil & gas, chemical, pulp & paper, food & beverage, iron & steel applications. With outstanding reliability and ease of operation and maintenance, developed on decades of field-proven experience, the AXG will increase your benefits while reducing total cost of ownership.

    • Dual Frequency Excitation Method
    • Noise resistance and zero point stability
    • “0.1 seconds” fast response
    • Display and output of Flow Noise Intensity
    • Flow Noise Diagnosis Function
    • Electrode Adhesion Detection
    • Low Conductivity Diagnosis
    • Sensor Empty Check
    • Electrode Insulation Deterioration Diagnosis

    Datasheet: Yokogawa_AXG-magnetic-flow-meter-datasheet

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