Vögtlin Instruments GCM Red-y Compact Mass Flow Meter

Last Updates: 31/08/2020

Vögtlin Instruments GCM-B4EA-BN00


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sku: GCM-B4EA-BN00
Medium: Air/air
Measuring range: 40-2000
Measuring unit: mln/min
Accuracy : ±2.0 % end value (range to 200 ln/min)
Temperature: 20 °C
Pressure inlet: 2 bar a
Connection: G1/4″ Inside thread
Body material: Aluminum
Seals: FKM
Power supply: Battery
Calibration protocol: with

Ref. Pressure : 1013 [mBar]
Ref. Temperature : 0 [°C]

Data Sheet: Vogtlin Red-y Compact Datasheet
Quick Manual: Vogtlin Red-y Compact Quick Manual
Manual: Vogtlin Red-y Compact Manual

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