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Vaisala viewLinc Monitoring, Alarming and Reporting Software

The Vaisala viewLinc Enterprise Server software monitors the temperature, relative humidity, CO2, differential pressure, level, door switches, and more, offering low cost of ownership due to easy connectivity to your existing network, remote access, and scalability up to thousands of monitored locations. Multi-site monitoring is simple, global systems can be run off a single server location.

As the software component of the Vaisala environmental monitoring system, viewLinc provides alarming, real-time trend data, and reports for compliance with GxP regulations. With Vaisala’s industry-best sensors, viewLinc monitors temperature, relative humidity, CO2, differential pressure, level, door switches, and more. With the latest version of viewLinc, add Modbus-enabled devices to incorporate unlimited parameters into viewLinc: particle counters, flow, and liquid measurements, and other sensors.

Ideal for multi-site and parameter monitoring, with a capacity of thousands of locations, viewLinc is used in diverse environmental monitoring applications. The software combines an easy-to-use Web-based interface with highly accurate devices that can be networked by any combination of connectivity options: Ethernet, PoE, Wi-Fi, or Vaisala’s proprietary long-range wireless technology VaiNet. 

Key Benefits

User-friendly software, real-time data & alarming

Secure web-access to real-time trends and graphical overviews of all monitored locations. viewLinc’s learn-as-you-use interface guides you through tasks and functions. Tours introduce you to common features, saving time, and levelling the software learning curve. Drill down into monitored areas in a dashboard view to see data for your devices over any period. Receive alerts on monitored environments through email, SMS, voice calls, and alarm towers.

Data integrity ensured

Vaisala viewLinc preserves data integrity in many ways. Months of data can be retained in data logger memory, depending on the device model and sample interval. Onboard power and memory in the measurement devices preserve all existing data and ensures measurement continuity during network or power outages. Data is automatically transmitted to the server once the connection to the network is restored. Measurement data is then saved to a secure, tamper-proof database on the server.

Easy to deploy and use

Vaisala viewLinc 5.1 and the associated measurement devices install easily to an existing network via a combination of connectivity options, including Ethernet, Power over Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or VaiNet – Vaisala’s proprietary long-range wireless technology. The monitoring devices self-identify within the viewLinc software and come with easy-to-use configuration templates. Tours introduce common tasks, providing useful onscreen guidance, and embedded tooltips provide immediate user assistance making viewLinc easy to learn.




  • Do-it-Yourself deployment, intuitive user interface, and self-configuring loggers
  • Flexible connectivity with long-range VaiNet wireless technology, PoE, wired, or Wi-Fi options
  • Alarm notifications by email, SMS, voice calls, lights, sirens and relays to external systems
  • Gap-free data with a secure audit trail for GxP compliance
  • Optional compliance tools: IQOQ protocols and GxP documentation
  • viewLinc runs parallel to control systems, allowing for fast, simple validation
  • Reports are delivered automatically by email and saved to the secure server
  • Configurable reports: time-zone based, space for annotation, and Min./Max./Avg. values, user-selectable color and line features
  • Live multiple-channel trend display for on-demand analysis of conditions over time
  • Use OPC UA or API to integrate viewLinc data with other systems
  • Support plan includes warranties and calibration plans for sensors, software upgrades, technical support and user training
  • Localized versions: English, German, French, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese

Datasheet: viewLinc-Enterprise-Server-5.0-Datasheet-B211708EN-E

Manual: viewLinc-5.0-User-Guide-M211975EN-A

Datasheet: VIM-G-viewLinc-5.1-Enterprise-Server-Software-Datasheet-B211832EN-B_0

Manual: viewLinc-5.1-User-Guide

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