Last Updates: 05/12/2020

Vaisala PDT101 Differential Pressure Transmitter

The Vaisala PDT101 differential pressure transmitter is designed for demanding cleanroom applications. The sensor integrates with the Vaisala viewLinc monitoring system to measure and monitor pressure differentials in regulated environments. Ideal for high performance cleanroom environments in the life science, semiconductor and electronics industries.

Key Benefits

Easy to install

Easy mounting on a wall, DIN rail or panel. The transmitter has a compact design and is well suited for monitoring cleanrooms and adjacent corridors with LED indicator lights for quick and easy power status checks.

Simplified compliance

As part of the Vaisala viewLinc monitoring system, Vaisala PDT101 is ideal for regulated environments where continuous, documented and redundant data is a requirement.

Precision and flexibility

The sensor enables precise measurement and control in high-performance cleanrooms. The PDT101 transmitter is available with voltage output (3-wire) or current output (2-wire)
  • DIN rail, panel or wall mountable
  • 2 pressure ranges (Pa and inH2O)
  • Accessible zero and span adjustment potentiometers
  • ¼” brass tubing connections
  • LED status indicator
  • Specially designed for critical and regulated environments
  • Euro-style detachable connector
  • Measurements traceable to international standards

Datasheet: Vaisala PDT101-Datasheet
Order Form: Vaisala PDT101-Quick-Guide

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