Last Updates: 07/08/2020

Vaisala HMT140 Wi-Fi Data Logger

The Vaisala HMT140 Wi-Fi data logger is designed for humidity, temperature and analogue signal monitoring in cleanrooms, warehouses, freezers, laboratories, blood banks and other life science applications. This battery-powered device simplifies installation and eliminates the need for power or network cables. Combined with viewLinc monitoring software, the HMT140 ensures continuous historical and real-time data with reliable remote alarming.

Key Benefits

Easy to install and relocate

Wireless communication utilizes existing Wi-Fi network and is ideal for facilities without available wired infrastructure and for applications in which measurement points move regularly.

Internal Data Storage

Onboard memory stores data during a power outage or network downtime so no data is ever lost ensuring gap-free records. The logger’s history is always transmitted to the viewLinc monitoring system once communication is restored.

Interchangeable temperature/RH probes for easy field calibration

The HMP110 digital humidity and temperature probe is field replaceable and contains all calibration details. Monitoring system viewLinc’s event log will record any sensor swap-outs, ensuring your audit trail is complete and compliant.




  • Quick and easy Wi-Fi connectivity to viewLinc monitoring software
  • Connectivity provided through your existing Wi-Fi network
  • Autonomous operation and local alarms ensure alerting capability regardless of network connectivity
  • Local data storage provides continuous fail-safe operation – even during power or network outage
  • Two inputs for voltage, current, contact, RTDs or temperature & RH
  • Accurate and reliable multi-signal measurements from industry best sensors
  • IP65 (NEMA 4) rated housing is resistant to dust and chemicals
  • Traceable to SI units through national metrology institutes
  • Approx 18-month battery life
  • Optional LCD display

Datasheet: Vaisala HMT140-Datasheet

Order Form: Vaisala HMT140 order guide

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