Last Updates: 07/08/2020

Vaisala DL1016/1416 Temperature Data Loggers

Vaisala’s multi-application temperature data loggers monitor temperatures in up to four applications with one logger – ultra-low temperature freezers, freezer/refrigerators and incubators. A superior alternative to chart recorders and hard-wired systems. The DL-series loggers connect to Vaisala’s viewLinc software to provide historical and real-time data, remote alarming and reporting in compliance with global regulations and standards. The data loggers can also be integrated into non-Vaisala systems with our OPC UA server.

Key Benefits

Easy to set up and use

The DL1016-1416 temperature data loggers can be used with Vaisala’s continuous monitoring software viewLinc for trend and tabular data, remote alarming, and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant reports. The loggers allow fast and easy IQOQ validation. Optional on-site installation services provide smooth start-up.

Continuous temperature monitoring records for compliance

With large on-board memory and batteries with a typical life-span of ten years, data recorded at the point of measurement is immune to network and power interruptions. Ideal for both networked monitoring and standalone data logging, the DL1016/1416 is a versatile solution for measuring up to four applications with a single device.

Cost-effective multi-application monitoring

This 4-channel temperature logger eliminates the need to purchase and install additional hardware, allowing you to monitor different areas with a single data logger, from ultra-low temperature freezers, freezer/refrigerator units, to warehouses and incubators.
  • Measurements are traceable to SI units through national metrology institutes (NIST USA, MIKES Finland, or equivalent) or ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratories.
  • Long-life batteries and large on-board memory in each logger provide data immunity from power outages and network downtime.
  • Connectivity to your existing network can be achieved multiple ways, including PoE, wired or Wi-Fi.

Datasheet: DL1016-1416-Datasheet-B211042EN-E

Order Form: DL1016-Order-Guide

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