Last Updates: 09/03/2021
Brands:SUTO iTec

SUTO S435 Saturated Steam Flow Meter

Vortex flow meters are the ideal choice for steam measurements due to their robust design, no moving parts, and high- temperature/pressure resistance. S435 measures mass flow and consumption in saturated steam with automatic density compensation. This guarantees always accurate results. Parameter settings can be performed through the user interface (keys and a display) on the flow meter directly. The Modbus/RTU interface or the analog output makes it possible to connect S435 to a SCADA system.

  • Measures saturated steam
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Shows instant flow and consumption
  • Provides a display and keys for settings
  • Small pressure loss
  • Robust industrial design with high-protection level
  • Analog and Modbus outputs
  • Wafer type—Easy to install
  • No moving parts

Datasheet: SUTO S435 Saturated Steam Flow Meter datasheet

Manual: SUTO S435 Saturated Steam Flow Meter manual

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