Last Updates: 16/02/2021

Setra 201 Very Low Differential & Gauge Pressure Transducer

  • Very low pressure down to 1kpa
  • Low Full-Scale Range
  • All-Welded Construction
  • No O-Rings
  • Wide Compensated Operating Temp.
  • High Overpressure of 45 PSI
  • Can be used for Gauge or Differential Pressure Measurements
  • Meets CE Conformance Standards

The Setra 201 is a high precision, low-cost pressure sensor for measuring very low gauge pressure differentials. The product’s leak-free design with all-welded, O-ring-free construction is ideal for particularly demanding low-range applications.

The process connection of 201 is suitable for pressure media compatible with stainless steel and 600 series Inconel.

Ultra low differential pressure sensor

Setra 201’s patented variable capacitance sensor design combines minimal simplicity, precision, and excellent thermal stability. It uses a chrome-nickel diaphragm and an insulated electrode. The working principle is that the capacitance value of the diaphragm changes correspondingly with the pressure rise and then, and then it is converted into a fully modulated linear current output signal by detecting the change in the capacitance.


Designed for rugged durability, overvoltage capability up to 45 PSI (310 kPa), and wide operating temperature range, the Setra 201 sensor is ideal for demanding applications.


  • All welded structure
  • No o-ring
  • Overpressure capability up to 45 PSI (310 kPa)
  • Comply with CE certification


  • Steam recovery system
  • Exhaust control system
  • Industrial scrubber

Data Sheet: Setra Model 201 Data Sheet
Instruction Manual: Setra Model 201 Operating Instructions

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