Last Updates: 03/08/2020

On-Site & Off-Site Pressure Calibration

Celectric offers calibration services for most pressure instruments with Traceable Test Equipments

Our Capability

  • Traceable Pressure Calibration
    • Vacuum Pressure
    • Low-Pressure Calibration (up to 10inH2O)
    • Medium Pressure (up to 20 Barg)
    • High Pressure (up to 100 Barg)
  • Type of Pressure Instruments Calibration
    • Smart or Non-Smart Pressure Transmitter
    • Pressure Gauge
    • Differential Pressure Transmitter
    • Flange Differential Pressure Transmitter
    • Diaphragm Seal Pressure Transmitter
  • Adjustment Capability
    • HART Communicator
    • Yokogawa FieldMate Communicator

Precise and rigorous pressure measurements are crucial to our clients’ operation safety, compliance, productivity, time-saving, and management competency.  At Celectric, accuracy and precision are always our priority. Thus we would not compromise in meeting the high standard of calibration needs including the pressure measurement. In pressure calibration, especially, accuracy is critical to our customers’ security and regulatory efficiency.

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