Precision Digital PDW90 Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Process Signal System

Last Updates: 11/10/2020

Precision Digital PDW90-S8N-4442


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sku: PDW90-S8N-4442 
Product Type: Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Process Signal System 
Warranty: 3 years 
Product Family: PDW90 
Field Units: (8) Eight 
Analog Input Modules: (4) Four 
Analog Output Modules: (4) Four 
Relay Modules: (4) Four 
Digital I/O Modules: (2) Two

Data Sheet: LDSW90 Datasheets
Instruction Manual: LIMW90_0 Instruction Manuals
Quick Start Manual: LIMW90QS_0 Quick Start Manual

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