Precision Digital PD8-6310-WM ProtEX-MAX Batch Controller

Last Updates: 24/10/2020

Precision Digital PD8-6310-6H7-WM


Lead Time: 1 to 2 weeks

sku: PD8-6310-6H5-WM 
Product Type: Explosion-Proof Controller W&M Approved 
Input: Pulse 
Output Options: 2 Relays & 4-20 mA Output 
Power: 85-265 VAC, 90-265 VDC 
Approvals: ATEX (FP), CE, CSA (XP), FM (XP), IEC (FP), NTEP 
Transmitter Power: 5, 10 or 24 VDC @ 25 mA + 24 VDC @ 25 mA 
Display Category: LED, Dual Line, Sunlight Readable 
Display: SunBright, 0.6″, Dual Line, 6 Digits, Red LED 
Warranty: 3 years 
Product Series: ProtEX MAX 
Product Family: PD8-6310-WM 
Product Category: Explosion-Proof, Field Mounted Indicators 
Product Application: Hazardous Area, Batch Controller

Wiring Diagram:

Data Sheet: Predig_PD6310-WM-Datasheet
Instruction Manual: Predig_PD8-6310WM_Manual

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