Last Updates: 15/02/2021

Gems Series 47 Liquid Level Control

Series 47 conductivity based liquid level control, intrinsically safe controls offer complete alarm panel control in a single package. Powered output contacts allow quick connection of lights and audible alarms. Test and silence functions are built in. The unit also carries one SPDT master alarm contact for remote alarm activation. Approved for Class I, II, III, Division 1, Groups C, D, E, F, G hazardous atmospheres. Series 47 controls supply four channels which can be used with conductivity-based liquid level sensors or dry contact sensors. This device functions as an alarm or single point control and is field adjustable for direct or inverse operation. It can operate separate visual alarms with a common audible alarm channel. Silence and test terminals are standard. For additional lights, alarms or outputs, auxiliary contacts must be ordered.


  • Hazardous Locations
  • Monitoring and Control
  • Storage Tank Alarm Panel
  • Input for Computer
  • Input for Phone Dialer
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