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Gems Sensors & Controls 3100/3200 Series Thin Film Pressure Transducers

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Gems 3100 and 3200 Series compact sputter film pressure sensors offer a high price to performance ratio and are high performance, high reliability and high stability for OEM applications. All stainless steel wetted parts, a variety of electrical and pressure interface options, and a wealth of electrical signal output, these features meet the needs of the sensor for most applications. The core component of the sensor is a sputtered film element with excellent temperature characteristics. The 3100’s production process introduces state-of-the-art automation equipment for mass production of pressure transmitters with high levels of consistency and cost performance. Second, the 3200 Series pressure transmitters feature a more robust diaphragm and pressure damper to accommodate cavitation or extreme pressure shocks. It has reliable stability in all kinds of pressure fluctuations. The series is compact and suitable for installation in narrow spaces. And fully meet the RoHS requirements.

  • 0-75 psi to 0-30,000 psi ranges (5 bar to 0-2,200 bar)
  • High Proof Pressures
  • Broad Choice of Outputs
  • RoHS Compliant
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