Gems Sensors & Controls CAP-300 Series Capacitance Level Sensor

Last Updates: 31/05/2020

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  • Actuation Level N/A
    Switch Operation Dry Source
    Min. Liquid N/A
    Stem Material Stainless Steel
    Float Material N/A
    Float Diameter N/A
    Mounting Size 1/4″-18 NPT
    Mounting Vertical or Horizontal
    Switch Type Open Collector sourcing output, 9-32 VDC, 30 ma max
    Input 9-32 VDC
    Output Current Sourcing, 9-32 VDC, 30 ma max
    Maximum Pressure (PSI) 100
    Minimum Temperature (°F) -40
    Maximum Temperature (°F) 257
    Electrical Termination 36″ PVC Cable
    Wetted Materials Stainless Steel, EPDM, Versaplast
    Approvals CE, IP67, RoHS,

    Gems CAP-300 capacitive level sensor is one of our most reliable and durable point level sensors. Compatible with coolants, Gems CAP-300 is the ideal OEM solution for power generation equipment, off-highway vehicles and generators, as well as Food & Beverage, Medical, Rail and HVAC applications. NSF/ANSI 169 compliant models are available for use with water, coffee and dairy. With almost zero maintenance, the sensor is small in size, tolerates coating, will remain reliable even in standby mode and can be mounted in any position. Compatible with temperatures up to 125°C (257°F) the capacitive based sensor is suited for the most challenging environments. Available with a variety of mounting types and electrical connections, as well as a variety of actuation delays for applications where sloshing occurs, therefore, CAP-300 is the ideal solution for the most rugged aqueous applications monitoring. 

    Data Sheet: Gems_CAP300-Datasheet
    Instruction Manual: Gems_CAP-300_Manual

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