Gems Sensors & Controls FT-110 Series Turbine Flow Sensor

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Gems Sensors & Controls 244425-C


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  • Sensor TypeTurboFlow
    Standard Flow Range (GPM).26-6.6 (3800 pulses/gallon)
    Flow Range (GPM).26-6.6 (3800 pulses/gallon)
    Body MaterialNylon 12
    Port Size17mm Tube O-ring
    Input Power5 VDC to 24 VDC @ 8mA
    OutputNPN Sinking Open Collector @ 20mA, max.
    Low Flow Accuracy±3%
    Standard Flow Accuracy±3%
    Maximum Pressure (PSI)200
    Minimum Temperature (°F)-4
    Maximum Temperature (°F)212
    Electrical Termination24 AWG 3ft Cable
    Wetted MaterialsNylon 12, PTFE (15% Graphite)
    Recommended Filtration50 micron


    Gems™ hall effect turbine flow rate sensor is ideal for OEM applications involving low flow liquid monitoring. The low cost coupled with 1/2% repeatability makes it an ideal candidate for replacing dispensing timer systems. Unlike timing systems, turbine technology is not influenced by changes in system pressure caused by aging filters. The sensor’s standard power and output specifications make it easy to retrofit to existing controllers.

    Datasheet: Gems_FT110-Series-datasheet
    Instruction Manual: Gems_FT-110_Manual
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