Gems Sensors & Controls 1200/1600 Series Pressure Sensors

Last Updates: 16/08/2020

Gems Sensors & Controls 1200HGG3002A3UA


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Model: 1200HGG3002A3UA
Output: {H} 1-5 V
Pressure Datum: {G} Gauge
Pressure Range: {G30} 0-300 psi
Pressure Port: {02} 1/4″-18 NPT External
Electrical Connection: {A} 4 PIN DIN (Micro) Mating Connector Supplied
Apparatus Protection: {3} Amplified Only RFI Protection CE Mark, UR
Cable Length: {U} No Cable Fitted
Performance Code: {A} 0.5% Accuracy, 2.0% Thermal Error

Gems 1200 series pressure sensor features stability and toughness via its CVD and ASIC design coupled with a thicker diaphragm. The thicker diaphragm enables these pressure transducer sensors to survive most pressure spikes caused by pump ripple, solenoid valves, etc.

While the Gems 1600 series extends the packaging options by providing an all-welded stainless steel back end for demanding industrial applications, modular design allows special ordering of fittings, electrical cables, etc. for OEM applications. The ASIC and CVD technology enables Gems™ to offer almost any output over any pressure range.

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