Last Updates: 15/02/2021

Gems 876 Series Capacitance Pressure Transducer

The GEMS 876 series pressure transmitter features an extremely accurate and stable ceramic sensor to deliver great value in environmental pressure measurement. Gems’™ glass-fused ceramic capacitive sensing capsule offers inherent thermal stability and low hysteresis in a proven, simple design. A custom ASIC used in the 876 series achieves long-term stability and high accuracy, and its low power requirements (as low as 5 Vdc) allow the sensor to operate in remote battery or solar-powered applications. An integrated mounting bracket and 1/8″ tube pressure connection ease installation.


  • Instant Warm-Up
  • Barometric Pressure: 600 to 1100 or 800 to 1100 hPa/mb
  • Low Power Consumption


  • Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Weather Measurement Systems
  • Weather and Environmental Data Logging
  • Barometric Pressure Compensation for Internal Combustion Engine Performance
  • Clean-room Barometric Pressure Compensation
  • Automotive Emissions Test Equipment
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