Last Updates: 15/02/2021

Gems Opto-Pak Controllers

From: $249

  • Switch Operation: SPDT
  • Switch Operation: SPDT

Gems Opto-Pak© Controllers convert standard 110 VAV line current to the 12 VDC input power required for many of Gems solid-state level switches. These controllers may be used with all Gems electro-optic sensors operating on 12 VDC. Opto-Paks© provide an SPDT, 5 Amp relay output for direct control of moderate loads. Two models are available: an open circuit board version for incorporation into custom enclosures, and self-contained, NEMA 4X model pictured here.


Works with 12V Units

  • ELS-950
  • ELS-1100
  • ELS-1100HT
  • ELS-1100FLG
  • ELS-1150
  • ELS-1200
  • Operates With Any 12V DC Input Electro-Optic Series Switch 
  • Converts TTL Output Signal to an SPDT 5 Amp Relay Output  
  • Available as Open Board or Mounted in NEMA 4x Box 

Data Sheet: Gems_OptoPakControllers-Datasheet
Instruction Manual: Gems_Opto-Pak-Controller_Manual

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