Last Updates: 15/02/2021

Gems 9600 Series – Groundwater Monitoring Transmitters

The GEMS 9600 Series of pressure transducers from Gems Sensors has been designed specifically to meet the rigorous conditions for groundwater monitoring while providing ultimate performance. The 9600 has built-in specific gravity compensation, so gives a true level reading even when the media is subject to temperature changes over the ranges of -5° to +45°C. The 9600 Series is manufactured with 318 stainless steel wetted parts, which provide excellent corrosion resistance, this product can be adjusted via the cable using a PC or hand-held interface which reduces the installation time and removes the need to withdraw the unit from the media for calibration. The SDI-12 communicating version offers minimal current draw for battery-powered applications.

Datasheet: GEMS 9600 Datasheet
User Manual: GEMS 9600 Installation Manual

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