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FineTek JFR3 FMCW Radar Level Transmitter

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  • JFR3 FMCW radar level transmitter is a non-contact measuring device, suitable for liquid level measurement in most tanks. It is easy to install, convenient to maintain, and can be used in corrosive applications. With its high precision and stability, it is widely used in liquid level detection and process control in the industrial field. FMCW radar (JFR) adopts a high frequency (GHz level) scanning method; electromagnetic waves are transmitted from the antenna to the target to be measured, then reflected the receiver over time. During this period, a frequency difference will appear, which can be further calculated to obtain the distance from the transmitting end to the measured object. FineTek FMCW radar uses K Band frequency scanning, with a measurement bandwidth of around 1 GHz. The frequency difference is processed by Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) which can accurately distinguish the main signal from background noise or echoes. Using a phase-lock Loop (PLL) circuit will result in high accuracy and reliable measurement.

    • Non-contact measurement.
    • Able to measure corrosive & toxic liquids, hydrocarbons and slurries.
    • Measurement unaffected by specific gravity,temperature,viscosity or foam.
    • Echo wave display – resulting in accurate adjustment and parameter setting.
    • Measuring range scanning, background noise editing & removal, save function.
    • Able to indicate distance, material level, percentage and current 4~20mA.
    • Language selection of traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, English.
    • Low power consumption: max 480mW @ 24Vdc(2-Wire).
    • Analog output: 4mA, 20mA.
    • Can be calibrated and parameterized using FAS software for PC.


    • With an onsite universal level gauge display, it can be used for distance measurement, liquid level measurement, stock indication or pump control.
    • Liquid level monitoring of raw water, recycled water or wastewater in various applications such as storage tanks, rivers, channels, pools etc.
    • Liquid level measurement in process tanks with mediums such as water, grease, resin, paint, heavy oil, beverage, etc.

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