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FineTek FCX/FDX Mini Float Level Switch

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  • FC/FD series is a magnetic float level switch type of product line that is very compact and cost-effective. These mini magnetic float level switch devices operate based upon two scientific principles, buoyancy and magnetism. The float portion of the mini float level switch is designed for a specific minimum fluid density, specific gravity, based upon the volume and weight of the float element. The float contains a magnet and the stationary stem incorporates a reed switch which opens or closes its electrical contact when the magnetic element in the float comes in contact with the stem. The reed switch reverses its contact state when the magnet in the float element moves away from the stem.

    • Compact, affordable and simple magnetic float level switch design for liquid level detection
    • Wide range of installation options
    • Variety of available process connections
    • Multiple materials available



    • High, low or intermediate level detection in small vessels
    • Small size machine control


    • Food and beverage
    • Hydraulics
    • Marine
    • Many others

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