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E+H Solicap FTI77 Capacitance Point Level Switch

Solicap FTI77 is a partly insulated sword/rope probe for Point Level Switch of fine-grained to coarse-grained bulk solids. It offers maximum reliability due to its active build-up compensation and is suited for a wide range of applications thanks to numerous certificates and approvals. Due to its robust construction, it can also be used in applications with very high lateral loads (up to 800Nm, sword version), high temperatures and abrasive media.

  • Highest safety and reliability due to extremely robust design for harsh process conditions
  • Cost savings thanks to easy and fast commissioning as calibration is performed at the press of a button
  • Cost-effective, reliable and universal application thanks to wide range of certificates and approvals
  • Two-stage overvoltage protection against static discharges from the silo
  • Active build-up compensation for bulk solids with caking tendency
  • Use in safety systems requiring functional safety to SIL2/SIL3
  • Reduction in storage costs thanks to easy-to-shorten sword sku and rope sku

For applications with very high lateral loads (up to 800Nm for sword version) and in applications with abrasive media.

  • Process connections: Flanges and threads
  • Measurement range: 200 to 20,000mm (20 to 787″)
  • Temperature: -50 to +400°C (-58 to +752°F)
  • Pressure: -1 to +10bar (-14.5 to +145psi)
  • International explosion protection certificates, SIL
  • Measuring principle

    Capacitive Solid

  • Characteristic / Application

    Partly isolated sword probe / rope probe for very high temperatures

    High mech. lateral load

  • Specialities

    Inactive length

    Active build-up compensation

    High lateral loading

    Extremely robust probe

  • Supply / Communication

    19 … 253V AC

    10 … 55V DC-PNP

    19…253V AC bzw 10…55V DC

    8/16mA, 11 … 36V DC



  • Ambient temperature

    -50°C … 70°C

    (-58°F … 158°F)

  • Process temperature

    -50°C … 400°C

    (-58°F … 752°F)

  • Process pressure absolute / max. overpressure limit

    Vacuum … 10 bar 

    (Vacuum … 145 psi)

  • Main wetted parts

    Ceramic, 316L, Steel

  • Max. tensile strength

    Rope: 20 kN

  • Process connection

    Thread R1 1/2, NPT1 1/2

    Flanges DN/ASME/JIS

  • Sensor length

    Rope: 0.5 … 20m

    (1.6 … 65ft)

    Sword: 0.2m … 1m

    (0.6 … 3.3ft) 

    Inactive length: 0.1m … 1m

    (0.3 … 3.3ft)

  • Communication

    2- wire 19-253 VAC

    DC PNP 

    Relais DPDT



    8/16 mA

  • Certificates / Approvals


  • Safety approvals


  • Design approvals

    EN 10204-3.1

  • Components

    PFM: FTC325, FTC625, FTC470Z, FTC471Z

    3-wire: FTC325

  • Application limits

    DK min. 2.5

Datasheet: Solicap S – FTI77 Technische Information

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