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Endress+Hauser Memograph M RSG45 Advanced Data Manager

The Advanced Data Manager is a flexible and powerful system for organizing process values. Thanks to its intuitive operation, Memograph M adapts quickly and easily to any application. The process values are clearly presented on the display and logged safely, limits are monitored and analyzed. Via communication protocols, the measured and calculated values can be easily transferred to higher-level systems and plant modules can be interconnected. Also available as DIN rail version without display.

  • High degree of data security: tamper-proof data storage and personalized access authorization with electronic signature (FDA 21 CFR 11)

  • HART input card: HART sensors directly connected provide accurate process values for calculation and logging

  • HART gateway: time-saving direct access to HART sensors in the field with FieldCare using Memograph M without interrupting the measuring loop

  • Stainless steel front with touch operation: trouble-free operation in demanding environments such as hygienic or hazardous areas.

    DIN rail version: compact device with small dimensions for cabinet mounting or remote field applications.

  • System capability: supports common fieldbuses (Modbus, Profibus DP, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP) for fast integration into diverse systems

  • Integrated Web server: remote access to device operation and visualization for lower maintenance costs

  • WebDAV: files saved on SD card transmitted directly to a PC via HTTP without any additional software.

  • Measuring principle

    Data manager

  • Measuring principle


  • Function

    Secure data recording and signal analysis


    integrated web server for device set-up

    HART(R) transparency, RSG45 as a HART modem
    E-Mail notification (encrypted mails)

    100 ms scan rate, high speed storage cycle 100 ms
    modular design for simple expansion
    data readout and processing via Field Data Manager Software

    OPC server for indication of instantaneous values (optional)

  • Input

    20 analog (max) (U, I, TC, RTD, frequency, pulse)

    20 HART (max) (HART, 4…20mA)

    14 digital (max) (control, event and counting inputs)

  • Output

    12 relays (max)

    2 analog (max) (I, pulse)

    1 transmitter power supply

  • Interface




    Modbus RTU/TCP Slave

    Modbus RTU/TCP Master

    Profibus DP

    PROFINET Device

    EtherNet/IP Adapter

  • Storage/Recording

    internal memory

    SD card

    USB flash drive

  • Display

    TFT 7″ colour graphic display

    TFT 7″ colour graphic display with touch panel

  • Housing

    panel mounting with zink diecast bezel

    panel mounting with stainless steel bezel

    desktop housing

    field housing

  • Power supply

    100…230 V AC +/-10%

    24V (-10%; +15%) AC/DC

  • Certificates



    UL (US und CA)

    ATEX II2G Ex px IIC Gb


    UL listed

    PROFINET certified

  • Software package

    Batch software

    Waster water software

    Tele-alarm software

    Energy software (water + steam)

    Waste water + storm overflow + Tele Alarm

    Tele-alarm software + energy software (water + steam)

Manual: Endress+Hauser Memograph M RSG45 Advanced Data Manager

Datasheet: Endress+Hauser Memograph M RSG45 Advanced Data datasheet

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