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E&H Waterpilot FMX21 Hydrostatic Level Transmitter

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  • E&H Waterpilot FMX21 transmitter with capacitive, oil-free ceramic measuring cell is typically used in the process and environmental applications for hydrostatic level measurement. With HART output, the measuring ranges can be freely adjusted, and a density-compensated level measurement can be activated. It is certified for drinking water and offers integrated temperature measurement. Versions for applications in wastewaters and sludges or usage in saltwater are also available.

    • Robust overload-resistant high purity ceramic sensor (99.9% Al2O3)
    • Flexible scaling of 4 to 20mA with superimposed HART 6.0 output
    • Highest level accuracy using temperature compensated density correction
    • Simultaneous measurement of level and temperature with optionally integrated Pt100 temperature sensor
    • Extensive range of accessories provides complete measuring point solutions
    • Climate proofed sensor thanks to completely potted electronics and 2-filter pressure compensation system
    • Small outer diameter of 22mm (0.87″) version suitable for drinking water applications and for use in bore holes and wells with small diameters

    Three different versions for drinking water, wastewater and sewage, saltwater.

    • Process connections: Suspension clamp, cable gland
    • Temperature: –10 to +70°C (14 to 158°F)
    • Measuring range: 0 to 20bar / 200m H20 (0 to 300psi / 600ft H2O)
    • Accuracy: ±0.2%, “Platinum” ±0.1%
    • International explosion protection certificates, marine approvals, drinking water approval
    • Measuring principle


    • Characteristic

      Compact probe with ceramic cell for hydrostatic level measurement,

      Diameter = 22 mm: General applications, fresh water

      Diameter = 42 mm: Waste water applications

      Diameter = 29 mm: Salt water applications

    • Supply voltage

      10.5 …35V DC

    • Reference Accuracy


      0.1% (optional)

    • Long term stability

      0.1% of URL/year

    • Process temperature

      Diameter 29 mm (1.14″): 0°C…50°C

    • Ambient temperature



      Diameter 29 mm (1.14″): 



    • Measuring cell


    • Process connection

      Suspension clamp

      Cable mounting screws

    • Communication

      4…20 mA

      4…20 mA HART

    • Certificates / Approvals


    • Marine approvals

      GL/ ABS/ BV/ DNV

    • Drinking water approvals

      NSF/ KTW/ ACS

    Datasheet: Waterpilot FMX21 Datasheet

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