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E&H Micropilot FMR10 Radar measurement Time-of-Flight

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  • Micropilot FMR10 offers continuous non-contact level measurement and is a perfect application fit for the water & wastewater industry and utilities across all industries. FMR10 belongs to the first radars with Bluetooth® commissioning, operation and maintenance app. Signal curves can be shown via app on every Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone or tablet (iOS, Android). With the compact design, thanks to unique chip, the device is ideal for limited space applications.

    • Non-contact radar with Bluetooth® commissioning, operation and maintenance app
    • Most compact radar due to unique radar chip design offering perfect fit in limited space applications
    • Best price-performance-ratio radar
    • Perfect application fit for water & wastewater and utilities in all industries (IP66, IP68 / NEMA4x /6P)
    • Full PVDF body to resist outdoor conditions, sealed wiring and fully potted electronics eliminates water ingress and allows operation under harsh environmental conditions
    • Easy setup with three main parameters suits for most applications
    • Simple, safe and secure wireless remote access via Bluetooth®

    Radar for continuous level measurement in liquids. For use in storage tanks, open basins, pump/lift stations or sewer management.

    • Process connections: Threads
    • Process temperature: -40 to +60°C (-40 to +140°F)
    • Process pressure: -1 to +3bar (-14.5 to +43psi)
    • Maximum measuring range: up to 8m (26ft) with mounted flooding tube protection
    • Accuracy: ±5mm (0.2″)
    • Measuring frequency: 26GHz
    • Measuring principle

      Level radar

    • Characteristic / Application

      – Simple applications in Water & Wastewater

      – Utility applications in all industries

      – Easy storage tanks

    • Specialities

      Bluetooth® commissioning,

      Operation and maintenance via SmartBlue App

    • Supply / Communication

      2-wire (4…20 mA)

      Bluetooth® wireless technology and App

    • Frequency

      K-band (~26 GHz)

    • Accuracy

      +/- 5 mm (0,2″)

    • Process temperature



    • Process pressure absolute / max. overpressure limit

      -1…3 bar (-14,50…43 psi)

    • Main wetted parts

      PVDF, PBT

    • Process connection


      G1″, NPT1″; G1 1/2″, NPT1 1/2″

    • Max. measurement distance

      8 m

    • Communication

      Bluetooth® wireless technology

    • Certificates / Approvals

      CSA C/US

    • Options

      Flooding protection tube

      Different mounting possibilities

    • Application limits

      DK < 4:


      Turbulent surfaces:


      Ammoniacal gas phase:

      FMR54 in stilling well;

      Strong build-up formation:

      FMR54 with air purge; 
      Only PTFE resistant:


      Custody transfer measurement:

      FMR5xx or NMR8x

    Datasheet: Micropilot FMR10 Technical Information

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