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E&H Liquicap FMI52 Capacitance Level measurement

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  • Liquicap FMI52 is a reliable fully insulated rope probe for continuous level monitoring in liquids, particularly in small tanks, build-up forming media and extremely high temperatures – especially for large measuring ranges. The measurement is independent of the dielectric constant (dc). Used in conjunction with Fieldgate FXA320 (remote measured value interrogation using Internet technology), Liquicap is an ideal solution for Inventory Management Solutions.

    • Use also in safety systems requiring functional safety to SIL2 in accordance with IEC 61508
    • Reliable and universal application thanks to wide range of certificates and approvals
    • No calibration necessary (factory preconfiguration). No calibration necessary for media with a conductivity of 100μS/cm and higher
    • Material in contact with the process made of corrosion-resistant material
    • Menu-guided local configuration via plain text display (optional)
    • Two-stage overvoltage protection

    Device is independent of the dielectric constant (dc) as of a liquid conductivity of 100μS/cm and allows measurement of various liquids without the need for recalibration.

    • Process connections: Flanges and threads
    • Process pressure: Vacuum to +100bar (vacuum to 1,450psi)
    • Measuring range: 0.42 to 10.0m (1.38 to 33ft)
    • Temperature: -80 to +200°C (-112 to +392°F)
    • International explosion protection certificates, overfill prevention WHG, SIL, hygienic certificates, marine approvals
    • Measuring principle


    • Characteristic / Application

      Fully insulated rope probe, for standard and extreme process conditions (temperature, pressure)

    • Interface measurement

      Interfaces liquid / liquid also with emulsion layers

    • Specialities

      Inactive length
      Factory calibrated
      short response time by change of value

    • Supply / Communication

      12-36V DC HART

    • Accuracy

      repeatablity 0,1%

    • Linearity error for conductive liquids


    • Ambient temperature


    • Process temperature


    • Process pressure absolute / max. overpressure limit

      Vacuum … 100 bar
      (Vaccum … 1450 psi)

    • Main wetted parts

      Insulation material: FEP,PFA

    • Process connection

      G 3/4, G 1, G1 1/2 /NPT 3/4″, NPT 1, NPT1 1/2″
      Flange from DN25…/ASME 1″…/JIS…

    • Process connection hygienic

      Tri-Clamp ISO02852 gap free plated

      Dairy coupling

      Flush-mounted seal

    • Sensor length

      Total length: 6m (20ft)
      Inactive length: max. 2m (7ft)

    • Max. measurement distance

      0.42 m … 10.0 m
      (1.38 ft … 33 ft)

    • Communication

      4…20mA HART

    • Certificates / Approvals


    • Safety approvals

      Overfill prevention WHG


    • Design approvals

      EN 10204-3.1

      NACE MR0175

    • Hygienic approvals


    • Marine approval

      GL/ ABS/ DNV

    • Options

      Separate housing
      gas-tight probe seal

    • Application limits

      Changing, non-conductive 
      media, conductivity 
      < 100 μS/cm

      Notice the pressure and temperature derating

    Datasheet: Weld-in adapter, process adapter and flanges

    Technical Information Liquicap M FMI51, FMI52

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