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E&H Liquicap FMI21 Capacitance Level measurement

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  • Liquicap FMI21 is a simple and cost-effective rod probe for continuous level measurement for conductive liquids. High quality non-corrosive materials (carbon fibre, stainless steel) make it suitable even for aggressive liquids (e.g. acids and alkalis). Used in conjunction with the Fieldgate FXA320 (remote measured value interrogation using Internet technology), Liquicap is an ideal solution for Inventory Management Solutions.

    • Safe and reliable function regardless of tank geometry
    • No calibration necessary (factory preconfiguration)
    • High quality, non-corrosive materials (carbon fibre, stainless steel) for use in aggressive liquids
    • No moving parts in tank
    • Cost-effective solution for continuous level measurement
    • Optimized storage by simply shortening the probe rods on site

    The device is preconfigured from factory 0 to 100% to probe length ordered. It can be used as of a conductivity of 30μS/cm and the measurement is independent of the dc-value (dielectric constant) of the liquid. Suited for cistern measurements.

    • Process connection: Thread
    • Process pressure: Vacuum to 10bar (vacuum to 145psi)
    • Measuring range: Up to 2.5m (8ft)
    • Temperature: -40 to +100°C (-40 to +212°F)
    • International explosion protection certificates, overfill prevention WHG
    • Measuring principle


    • Characteristic / Application

      Two-rod probe
      Preconfigured from factory 0%…100%
      High quality, non-corrosive materials (carbon fibre, stainless steel)

      Suitable for aggressive liquids (many acids and alkalis)

    • Specialities

      Probe shorting kit available

    • Supply / Communication

      10 … 30VDC

    • Accuracy

      < 1%

    • Ambient temperature

      -40 °C … 70 °C
      (-40 °F … 158 °F)

    • Process temperature

      -40 °C … 100 °C
      (-40 °F … 212 °F)

    • Process pressure absolute / max. overpressure limit

      Vacuum … 10 bar
      (Vacuum … 145 psi)

    • Main wetted parts

      Probe rods:
      316L/1.4404 / PP
      Option: carbon fibre PP coated

    • Process connection

      G 1½
      NPT 1½

    • Sensor length

      Total length of probe 2.5 m

    • Max. measurement distance

      2.5 m (8 ft)

    • Communication

      4 … 20 mA

    • Certificates / Approvals


    • Safety approvals

      Overfill prevention WHG

    • Options


    • Application limits

      Changing, non-conductive 
      media, conductivity 
      < 3 0 μS/cm

      Highly viscous liquids 
      > 2 000 cst

    Datasheet: Weld-in adapter, process adapter and flanges

    Liquicap T FMI21 Technical Information

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