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E&H Deltapilot FMB53 Hydrostatic Level measurement

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  • The Deltapilot FMB53 is a cable version with mounting clamp. This device with the Contite measuring cell is typically used in the environmental industries. It is made for level measurement in liquid and paste-like media in open or closed containers and unaffected by possible foam formation. For use in SIL2 safety systems.

    • Hermetically sealed Contite measuring cell with condensate-resistance, high reference accuracy: ±0.2%, optionally ±0.1% and minimum temperature effects
    • Modular concept for easy replacement of display or electronics
    • Seamless and independent system integration (HART/PA/FF)
    • Easy and safe menu-guided operation: On-site via display module, via 4 to 20mA with HART, via PROFIBUS PA, via FOUNDATION Fieldbus
    • International usage thanks to a wide range of approvals

    For level measurement.

    • Process connection: Suspension clamp
    • Temperature: With PE cable: -10 to +70°C (+14 to +158°F),with FEP cable: -10 to +80°C (+14 to +176°F)
    • Measuring range: 0.1 to 10bar / 100m H2O (1.5 to 150psi / 300ft H2O)
    • Accuracy: ±0.2%, ±0.1% (option)
    • International explosion protection certificates, overfill prevention WHG, SIL, drinking water approval
    • Measuring principle


    • Characteristic

      Pressure transmitter for pressure or hydrostatic level measurement with flush mounted metallic CONTITE measuring cell: 
      – hermetically welded 
      – absolute condensation tight 
      – climate-resitant 
      – long-term stable 
      – Lowest temperature influences 

      Cable version with suspension clamp

    • Supply voltage

      4…20 mA HART

      10,5…45 VDC (Non Ex):

      Ex ia: 10,5…30 VDC


      9…32 VDC (Non Ex)

      FOUNDATION Fieldbus:

      9…32 VDC (Non Ex)

    • Reference Accuracy

      Standard 0,2% 
      Optional 0,1%

    • Long term stability

      0,05% of URL/year

    • Process temperature

      PE cable: -10°C…70°C / 14°F…158°F 
      FEP cable: -10°C…80°C / 14°F…176°F

    • Ambient temperature


    • Measuring cell

      100 mbar…10 bar 
      (1.5 psi…150 psi)

    • Smallest calibratable span

      10 mbar (1.45 psi)

    • Vacuum resistance

      0 mbar abs.

    • Max. Turn down


    • Max. overpressure limit

      40 bar (600 psi)

    • Process connection

      Mounting clamp

    • Material process membrane

      316L, AlloyC, 


      PE, FEP

    • Material gasket

      Viton, EPDM, Kalrez, none

    • Fill fluid

      Inert oil,

      Synthetic oil

    • Material housing

      316L, Die-cast aluminum

    • Communication

      4…20 mA HART


      FOUNDATION Fieldbus

    • Certificates / Approvals


    • Safety approvals


    • Design approvals


      NACE MR0175

    • Marine approvals

      GL/ ABS/ LR/ BV/ DNV

    • Drinking water approvals

      KTW/ NSF/ ACS

    • Specialities

      Modularity to differential pressure and process pressure devices (replacable display, universal electronics) 

      Diagnostic functions 

      Hermetically sealed Contite measuring cell (condensate-resistant and climatic-proofed)

    Datasheet: Deltapilot M FMB50, FMB51, FMB52, FMB53

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