Last Updates: 19/02/2021

Contrec 515 – FN01 Frequency Input Net Oil Flow Computer

Contrec 515 Series with FN01 application calculates the net oil content in petroleum production fluids containing water. The net oil volume is corrected to a reference temperature according to ASTM D1250-04. The instrument uses the frequency signal from a mass flowmeter along with temperature and density analog inputs.

Reference densities for the oil and water are used in conjunction with live density and temperature values to determine the water cut.

The instrument is compatible with a wide range of flowmeter frequency outputs, including millivolt signals, reed switches, Namur proximity switches, and pulse trains via its smart front-panel program selection.


The mass total and flowrate are derived from accurately measured frequency and the number of received pulses.

mass = pulses/k-factor

mass flow = frequency/k-factor

The oil volume correction calculations are based on the ASTM D1250-04 standard for the following products:

Crude Oils
Lube Oils
Refined Products

  • Calculates the Net Oil content in petroleum production fluids containing water
  • Volume correction according to ASTM D1250-04
  • Uses temperature and density inputs for volume correction
  • Allows for non-linear correction
  • Selection of second language and user tags
  • RTC logging with over 1000 entries
  • Infra-red communications port on front panel
  • Pulse width and scaling of pulse output
  • 4-20mA retransmission
  • Selectable protocols on serial ports including Modbus RTU and Printer output
  • Front panel adjustment of 8-24V DC output voltage
  • Backlit Display
  • LCD Backup

Datasheet: Contrec 515 – FN01 Datasheet
Instruction Manual: Contrec 515 – FN01 Instruction Manual

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