Contrec 212 BTU Meter

Last Updated: 26/05/2020

Contrec 212.2000.S


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  • Enclosure Mounting: Wall Mounting (Standard glands holes)
    Output Option: No Option
    Power Options: DC Powered
    Temperature Sensors: No Probe
    Approvals: OIML R75 Compliant
    Warranty: 3 year

    The Contrec 212 Heat Calculator is designed to measure the energy consumed in hot water heating systems and chilled water cooling systems. The Contrec 212 is supplied complete with temperature probes and will interface with a wide range of flowmeters, including positive displacement and inferential water meters, magnetic flowmeters with pulse outputs, turbine and paddlewheel flowmeters.

    Provides Flexibility to Meet All Applications

    The Contrec 212 is able to cross international boundaries in heat meter applications. Multilingual capability, data logging, and peak/off-peak operation are standard. In addition, four modes of operation covering heating and cooling ensure that the Contrec 212 is flexible enough to meet all energy measurement applications.

    The high accuracy of the 212 ensures that it meets European and International approvals for heat calculators.

    Accuracy to OIML R75 Class 4 and EN1434

    The 212 can be supplied with two precision 4-wire Pt100 RTDs and has an inbuilt correction for the non-linearity of the RTDs. For chilled water measurement where the temperature difference (Δt) is likely to be small, provision is made in the set-up program to zero out any offset between RTDs. The 212 is fully programmable and all set-up data and totals are stored in non-volatile memory for a minimum of 10 years.

    Watertight Wall or Panel Enclosure

    The Contrec 212 Heat Calculator is housed in a rugged yet attractive IP66 (Nema 4X) rated polycarbonate enclosure which is completely watertight. Mounting is either by a wall bracket or by panel mount. 

    Integration with energy management systems

    A Meter-bus interface enables the 212 Heat Calculator to be incorporated into energy management systems complying with European IEC 870-5 protocol, for interfacing to computers and DCS systems. 

    Datalogging Flexibility

    The Contrec 212 Heat Calculator will store energy totals by the hour, day, week or month for up to 31 periods. The totals are stored for each period and can be downloaded to a computer via the Meter-bus or RS485 communications ports. 

    Data Sheet: Contrec 212 Data Sheet

    Instruction Manual:Contrec 212 Instruction Manual


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