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Baumer CombiLyz AFI4 Conductivity Measurement

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The Baumer CombiLyz Conductivity sensor series is faster than comparable sensors available on the market-thanks to the short reaction time of temperature compensation. The precise measured value of the conductivity is available within only 15 seconds, as opposed to after 50 seconds as with competitors’ sensors.

The short reaction time is only one of the distinguishing features of the CombiLyz AFI. It also sets new standards when it comes to user-friendliness. The coloured touch display enables easy parameterization, and freely definable conductivity areas can be allocated to any display colours, for example, blue for water and red for acid. This way, it can be seen from a distance which medium is passing through the pipes at any given moment. The sensor transfers its measured values via a 4…20mA interface with optional HART protocol.

Performance Characteristic

Conductivity14 selectable ranges
Max. measuring span1000 mS/cm
Min. measuring span500 µS/cm
Max. measuring error
  • ± 1.0 % FSR , 0 … 1 mS/cm to 0 … 500 mS/cm
  • ± 1.5 % FSR , 0 … 1000 mS/cm
  • ± 1.5 % FSR , 0 … 500 µS/cm
Reference temperature25 °C , adjustable
Repeatability< 0.5 % FSR , > 1 mS/cm
Compensated temperature range-20 … 150 °C
Temperature compensation0.0 … 5.0 % FSR/K , adjustable
Step response time, T90≤ 2.0 s
Sample time≤ 0.4 s




Datasheets: Baumer_AFI4-conductivity-sensor-ds | Baumer_AFI4-conductivity-sensor-Hart-ds | Baumer_AFI4-conductivity-sensor-IO-link-ds

Manuals: Baumer_AFI4-conductivity-sensor-manual | Baumer_AFI4-conductivity-sensor-process-data

Catalog: Baumer_AFI4-conductivity-sensor-catalog 

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