Last Updates: 19/05/2020

Anderson-Negele ITM-51 Turbidity Meter

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The ITM-51 is Anderson-Negele’s turbidity meter for use in higher turbidity applications. Designed to meet the specific needs of dairy, food and beverage processing plants, the ITM-51 is the choice for phase separation, CIP pre-rinse and brewing specific applications involving wort filtering and yeast separation. The ITM-51’s compact, modular design is a highly configurable, cost-effective solution to meet your specific application needs. With expanded capabilities in pressure, temperature and measuring range, the ITM-51 can now go beyond the typical applications given to turbidity sensors, making the ITM-51 capable of furthering your ability to meet sustainment goals.

Datasheet : Anderson-Negele_ITM-51-Series-datasheet

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