Last Updates: 05/12/2020

Anderson-Negele HA Life Sciences Series Mini Pressure Transmitter

Anderson’s HA “Mini” sanitary pressure transmitter is specifically designed for critical measurements in fractional size lines. The product can be ordered with 3/4”, 1”,or 1-1/2” Tri-Clamp® connections as well as our CPM fitting. This eliminates the need for reducers or adapters, thus reducing hold-up volumes in small lines. Internal zero and span adjustments and easily accessible test point greatly simplify calibration and validation. 316 “L” stainless steel wetted parts are electro-polished to a Ra=8. Finally, since it’s an Anderson “Life Sciences Series” product, every transmitter includes a calibration certificate and permanent tag at no charge.

Datasheet: Anderson-Negele HA Product Information

Tech Bulletin : Autoclaveable HA Pressure Transmitter

Manual: HA Manual











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