Introduction of Baumer Hygienic Sensors Application

Sensors in the Hygienic Industry

Sensors are playing an increasingly important role with a strong focus on the improvement of effectiveness and efficiency. Food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and medical industry depend heavily on hygienic design, the duration and intensity of the cleaning cycle.  

You can reduce energy and cost by reducing the time required for cleaning with the radical hygienic design of sensors.

Baumer hygienic connection

These days, the processor has to face challenges such as reduce product waste and manage conservation. BAUMER has developed sensors that can detect different medium, thereby avoiding spillage thus contributing to the goal of sustainability.

Baumer offers a wide range of products to meet the international requirements of applications and industrial needs as a result of long time partner with dairy industry players.

Opposing requirements range from sophisticated sensor technologies for demanding areas. These areas include such as hygienic, wet, dry areas and packaging machine operations, all with different application to address.

Baumer Technology in Hygienic Industry

Baumer has more than 25 years’ experience in designing sensors for the hygienic industry and pride themselves on being among industry leaders. This comes from innovative sensor solutions that bring real values to customers.

Hygienic requirements are becoming more and more stringent, and Baumer understands the challenges that both manufacturers and machine builders in the industry face.

Manufacturing floor of an industry with hygienic design

The Baumer Hygienic Connection (BHC) shows how clever design can help 

  • Reduce bacteria contamination in the process streams and actively contribute to safety. A good example of this is Baumer dairy industry-specific sensors, which have been designed and developed in collaboration with major manufacturers in the dairy industry.
  • Flush-mounted sensors have no collection pockets so they can be easily cleaned to minimise bacteria growth and contribute to optimised CIP performance.
  • They are also designed to operate with faster cleaning cycles using less water and chemicals resulting in important savings for users.

Baumer recognises the importance of being able to optimise your process. Thus by improving sensor accuracy and response times helps them to achieve tighter production control. Standard IO-Link connectivity allows fast and easy sensor parameterisation in addition to digital data generation for IoT. In summary, from primary processing to end of line packaging Baumer provides sensor solutions for every process and every application. All Baumer sensors are manufactured from stainless steel and meet today’s hygienic safety standards.

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