Flow Switches

Air and Liquid flow switches are made of the material to withstand tough and harsh environments.

Flow Switches for use in Liquids or Gases
The broad range of configurations flows switches for use in liquids or gases. At preset rates, ranging from 50 cc/min to 100 GPM, Gems switches will initiate alarm actuation or automatic shut-down of a system.

The high quality, corrosion-resistant materials for use in the harshest environments. Material choices, ranging from stainless steel to Ryton offer broad chemical resistance. Versions include switches with adjustable or fixed actuation settings, models for high pressures or viscosity compensation, in-line types, and designs to satisfy any mounting or space requirement.

Variety of Operating Principles
Piston types
are suitable for low flow rates in gases and liquids from 50 cc/min to 20 GPM. 

Shuttle models are for applications with high flow rates from .5 GPM to 100.0 GPM. 

Paddle models are for large line sizes from 1.25″ (32 mm) and up. Electronic switches encompass state-of-the-art electronics and positive visual indication.

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