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Magnetic Flow Meter – Principle and Application

Faiz Nadli22/02/20213 min read

What is Magnetic Flow Meter A magnetic flow meter (mag meter, electromagnetic flowmeter) is a transducer that measures fluid flow by the voltage induced across the liquid by its flow through a magnetic…

Understanding Working Principle of Vortex Flow Meter

Faiz Nadli22/02/20216 min read

Vortex Flow Meter can be used for a wide range of fluids, i.e. liquids, gases and steam. They are to be seen as first choice, subject to verification to cover…

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How to perform Gas Sampling using Digital Mass Flow Meter?

Eng Loon Ch’ng04/01/20214 min read

How to perform Gas Sampling using Digital Mass Flow Meter The Vögtlin red-y compact 2 meters is used as the heart of a reliable automatic in the analytical world, low-cost gas sample…

Why is Vortex Flow Meter calibrated with water?

Eng Loon Ch’ng02/01/20212 min read

All Vortex Flow Meters are systematically calibrated and adjusted, which means compare to a reference and adjust to reach the designed accuracy.To prove the uncertainty of the measurement, we need…

Basic understanding of Pressure Measurement

Eng Loon Ch’ng08/10/20205 min read

What is Pressure Measurement? Pressure, flow, level, and temperature are the four common plant measurements. Of the four, the pressure is the most fundamental and common. The three remaining measurements…

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Convert Yokogawa YS1700 Text Program to Function Block

Eng Loon Ch’ng13/08/20202 min read

I almost can’t trace back when the Yokogawa YS1700 launched, but based on the YS1700 successor the Yokogawa YS170 was discontinued in 2008. Therefore we assume the Yokogawa YS1700 began…

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What you don’t know about Steam Boiler Drum Level Control

Eng Loon Ch’ng12/08/20205 min read

Boiler drum level control is necessary to feed water into the boiler as steam is output into the header and to the associated process equipment. For a given volume of…

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How Measurement and Control of Low Gas Flow Rates?

Eng Loon Ch’ng10/08/20208 min read

Introduction There are several fundamental measurement techniques for flow meters, such as: Electromagnetic Flow Meters Thermal Mass Flow Meters Coriolis Mass Flow Meters Differential Pressure Flow Meters Vortex Flow Meters…

3 main types of Pressure Sensors

Eng Loon Ch’ng09/08/20205 min read

There are many types of Electrical and Mechanical Sensors in the market. Still, all pressure sensor infer pressure by measuring a physical change within the sensor when exposed to pressure changes. This physical change can…

Grounding Ring vs Grounding Electrode, which one to use?

Eng Loon Ch’ng29/07/20209 min read

For any magnetic flowmeter to function correctly, it must have three connections (including a ground) to the process liquid passed from the magnetic flow tube onto the magnetic flow transmitter.…

Differential Pressure Level Transmitter on Pressurized Tank

Eng Loon Ch’ng16/07/20202 min read

The atmospheric tank’s difference is that the pressurized tank is an enclosed container with vapor pressure applied over the liquid, and the value of the vapor pressure may vary over…

How to calculate Range for Differential Pressure Level Transmitter?

Eng Loon Ch’ng14/07/20202 min read

Another installation method for level measurement using a Differential Pressure level transmitter is by utilizing the diaphragm seal plus capillary tube. To determine the calibrated range for the Differential Pressure…

5 Types of Temperature Element

Eng Loon Ch’ng10/07/20203 min read

There are several temperature element types widely used to measure the temperature of a process substance. These types are categorized into mechanical temperature element and electronic temperature element. Mechanical temperature…

Why using a Temperature Transmitter?

Eng Loon Ch’ng10/07/20201 min read

In the temperature measurement system, an electronic temperature instrument needs to connect to a control system. In contrast, RTD and thermocouple can be directly wired to the control system inputs…

3 Types of Pressure Measurement Elements

Eng Loon Ch’ng04/07/20202 min read

Bourdon Tubes 2200 A Bourdon tube is a metallic coil constructed from a metal tube, closed at one end and fixed to a pressure source at the other. It has…

Pressure Instruments Protection – Diaphragm Seals

Eng Loon Ch’ng26/06/20204 min read

Pressure Instruments often damage by Corrosive chemicals, High Viscose liquid, high temperature, therefore protection of the pressure instruments from these harsh process conditions is necessary. A seal can be a…

Right Pressure Transducer for Critical Environments

Eng Loon Ch’ng14/06/20209 min read

Selecting a low differential pressure transducer (DPT) for critical care ventilation is one of the most important decisions mechanical designers, engineers, and architects can make. These transducers perform precise monitoring…

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Sensors for Ventilators

Eng Loon Ch’ng25/04/20202 min read

A ventilator is designed to move air or a mixture of gases into and out of the patient’s lungs to either assist in breathing, or, in some cases, mechanically breathe…

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Liquid Control and Monitoring Solutions for Commercial Ships

Eng Loon Ch’ng10/09/20193 min read

Gems provides fluidic solutions such as flow switches, pressure transducers, indicators, transmitters, and receivers, as well as pre-assembled fluidic systems for use in tanks, cooling systems, auxiliary equipment, and propulsion systems…

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Understand the Hazardous Area Classifications

Eng Loon Ch’ng02/09/20199 min read

Hazardous Area Classification When three fundamental components: Flammable Substance (Which can be gas, liquid, or solid), an oxidizer, and a source of ignition, form the hazardous area. The flammable substance…

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